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Importance of Childrens Posture

_LR29048Have you ever wondered if your childs posture sucks?

When you look at them from behind, ideally they should have level ears, level shoulders, and level hip bones. From the side we want to see smooth curves through the spine, and the ear, shoulder, hip, and ankle should all line up. One of the biggest tell tale signs of poor posture is forward head carriage, where the head sits forward of the shoulders. We are seeing more and more of this. A number of factors include:

  • Devices
  • Less outdoor play
  • Mental emotional health
  • Pillow choice/ sleep position
  • Position when studying
  • Limited time spent crawling before walking
  • Congenital reasons

Poor posture can lead to altered function of the spine and nervous system. Over time like a decaying tooth this can cause symptoms.

Like a dental check it’s very important to have your child’s spine checked regardless of their symptomatic state. Schedule one today with Phoebe or Tess.

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