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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Answers to Questions We Hear

Like other chiropractors, at Village Chiropractic we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic practice members. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.

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Is chiropractic care safe?

In the words of the New Zealand Government’s Inquiry, chiropractic care is “remarkably safe.” Chiropractic care is generally considered safe but occasionally it may cause adverse reactions. It is the result of a conservative approach to health that avoids invasive procedures or addictive drugs.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is the skill of using a specific force in a precise direction, applied to a joint that is fixated, “locked up”, or not moving properly. This adds motion to the joint, helping the joints to gradually regain more normal motion and function. The objective of this procedure is to permit improved spinal function, improved nervous system function, and improved health.

There are many ways to adjust the spine. Usually the chiropractor’s hands or a specially designed instrument delivers a brief and highly-accurate thrust. Some adjusting methods are quick, whereas others require a slow, constant or indirect pressure.

After years of university training and clinical experience, each chiropractor becomes highly skilled in the delivery of a variety of adjusting approaches.

What is the difference between chiropractic and physiotherapy?

In understanding the difference between chiropractic and physiotherapy, we recommend referring to the definition of each practice as follows.

Chiropractic is a health care discipline based on the scientific premise that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine, and pelvis) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.

Physiotherapy, as described by the Physiotherapy New Zealand, “uses proven techniques to help restore movement and function to anyone affected by an injury, disability or health condition.”

Each individual is different and must make their own choice about the most appropriate method of care for them. We believe chiropractic, with its central focus on the spine, nervous system and their impact on the entire body provides a health care option that is a holistic and natural choice.

Will ACC cover my chiropractic care?

Village Chiropractic is a registered ACC provider. You can come directly to our office with an existing ACC claim or fill in the paperwork at our office. If approved, ACC will subsidise your adjustment visits at office.

Is chiropractic care safe for children?

Many parents choose to have their children checked by a chiropractor soon after birth as trauma may occur during the process. We encourage our younger clients to lead an active lifestyle. Normal childhood activities, including sitting while using a device may cause spinal health related problems. Regular chiropractic checkups may be able to identify problems and help avoid some of the health complaints seen later in adults. Chiropractic adjusting procedures are modified to a child’s spine, particularly babies.

Am I too old for chiropractic care?

More and more people are consulting chiropractic doctors, especially in their later years. With growing concerns about over medication and the side effects of combining various prescription drugs, safe, natural chiropractic care is growing in popularity. Better spinal function can help improve an ageing person’s life. The adjusting techniques used by our chiropractors will be modified for maximum comfort and results. As we get older and wiser, the simplicity and effectiveness of chiropractic care becomes more and more obvious.

For how long will I need chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is guided by your outcomes and may range from a visit or two to a lifetime of care.Spinal problems, (subluxation) neglected since early childhood, may require ongoing supportive care for optimum spinal function.

Some practice members seek chiropractic care only when their ache or pain becomes unbearable. While this style of “crisis management” is usually more costly and time-consuming, chiropractors stand ready to help all practice members, regardless of their health goals. How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.

Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?

In most cases, not at all. In fact most people find having an adjustment very relaxing.
With some adjustments you may sometimes feel or hear popping sound from the spinal joints. This is simply caused by a gas release from the joint as spinal movement is restored, such as when a wet glass is removed from a table. Some chiropractors use a hand held instrument to adjust the spine. Others use pelvic blocks to re-align the body. Special techniques are used for adjusting infants and children. Whatever the technique, chiropractors use skill, not force or strength, to conduct a safe, effective adjustment.

What results can I expect?

If you’re new to chiropractic care, you’ll want to know what type of result you can expect. Individual experience varies from person to person, but most people can expect some benefits soon after beginning care and for these to consolidate further as care continues. Progressive examinations are done at regular intervals to monitor your progress.

Do I need a GP referral?

Chiropractors are first contact healthcare practitioners therefore a referral is not necessary.

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