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Chiropractic Care

Restoring Your Way of Life

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling limited and being unable to do what you love. Our focus is to help you on your journey back to health.

Our bodies were designed to be healthy, with an innate healing capability. Our aim is to help you be your best by restoring the communication between brain and body with the highest quality of chiropractic care. We want to alter our community’s understanding of true health and wellness, supporting you in taking control and responsibility for your wellbeing.

Our initial goal is to free you from discomfort. Once you’re symptom-free, you can choose to continue chiropractic care to see even more benefits. You’re also welcome to stop care when you want to & return if you feel you need us again.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Health, ease and well-being are normal. Chiropractic care puts nothing into your body and takes nothing out. Your nervous system controls everything and your body has an innate ability to regulate and heal, provided their is no interference. Life’s stressors can overload your nervous system which produces vertebral subluxation (nerve interference.)

Chiropractors through gentle adjustments of the spine remove the nerve interference to enable your body to function as intended. Adjustments do not treat your symptoms, they help your body to function differently and your body knows what to do from there. Consistent visits help retrain your spine. You control the speed of your recovery. Choose regular care to avoid a relapse.

Everyone Benefits from Chiropractic

Enter our Devonport office at any time and you will see people aged from a little bump in mothers tummy to a spritely 90 plus. Whilst a named health condition may have been why they originally came to us, the reason they stay is because of the life-enhancing benefits of our care.

Whilst people come to us with certain problems they find that many other aspects of their health also improve. They then continue care with us as a lifestyle choice because of the life-enhancing benefits that are obtained from having a well-functioning spine.

Get Started Today

Mums, dads and children alike are all welcome at our practice. Even people who have seen chiropractors before appreciate these scans as they can see the changes taking place in their body function. Contact our office today to get started!


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